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Convenient Checkout

Convenient Checkout

Wholesale Orders Welcome

Wholesale and large orders are welcome. Please email us for a line sheet for wholesale orders or to inquire about discounts for large purchases.

Here at Humphrey's Handmade all of our items are carefully handcrafted. Soaps come individually bagged, perfect for gift giving! We use and test all of our products ourself and strive to offer a high quality yet affordable natural product to our customers.

Our new site is live! We're hoping this new layout is more user friendly for our customers. If you experience any glitches please let us know!

We enjoy including free samples in every order! Please note that we love shipping internationally and we strive to keep shipping costs down. Due to this we may not be able to include samples with international orders and will sometimes leave out an invoice - .2 oz can sometimes affect shipping costs by up to $2 and if leaving out a piece of paper saves you $2 I think it's worth it!

We offer sales and coupons often. Please click below to follow us on social media for updates. We are most active on Facebook and Instagram. Tag us in product photos for a share/shoutout!


 We currently have over 50 scents available in soaps, beard oils, cologne and perfume oils, sugar scrubs and body spray. Our colorful glycerin soap has added argan oil, calendula extract, aloe leaf extract and sunflower oil. 

*They're Here! - new mini puck sampler packs! Our samplers will come in both a men's and women's version and will include 5 mini pucks of various scents. Stay tuned, we're very excited about this product! 

*Coming Soon - We will be adding body spray very soon in all of our scents. We're very excited to be offering this product. Please check back soon. We hope to have them up mid August to early September. Please note that we must create labels and photos for all 50+ of our fragrances so it may take a few weeks for us to begin posting them.

*(Also) Coming Soon - Fall and Winter scents will be added around September. This includes both a Gingerbread and Pumpkin Spice beard and cologne oil, and also several Pine/Christmas scents. Stay tuned!

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Popular Flavors

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