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How To Make Your Own Earring Cards

Eyeball EarringsAre you an artisan who makes handmade earrings, and wants to be able to show them off on your own earring cards? Read further for easy instructions on how to make your own earring cards.

Before writing this tutorial, I searched the internet to see what types of instructions already existed for handmade earring cards/holders. I found a few good ones, but most of them included additional supplies (11×17” paper) or steps (gluing several pieces of cut out paper together) that seemed unnecessary. Sure, they are all good, and some folks prefer the look of earring cards that may use the additional steps/supplies, but I wanted to give a tutorial that simplified the printing process some, but still gave a professional end result.

*This tutorial is for a single sided, small earring card. I will add another tutorial for a fold-over/tent-style earring card that’s great for propping up your earrings for photos and shows. Follow our blog or subscribe to our feed to get updates on new posts!*

What you need:

– 110lb cardstock, any color, in ‘regular paper’ size, 8×11”. You can get a 150 sheet pack for $4 at Wal-Mart. OfficeMax is more expensive but they have more color options. I use white, because I like to decorate with my own colored backgrounds and images.

– An inkjet or laser printer.

– A desktop publishing program to create & edit your design. PagePlus is FREE and works just as well as Microsoft Publisher. Download it free HERE. MS Word-type programs don’t work as well because you have less leeway in image and text placement.

– A pin to punch two tiny holes in your cards. Safety pins work well because the hole is small enough to hold the earring snug in the card.

Open up your publishing program and change your paper orientation to be Landscape (sideways). You can usually find this option under File> Page Setup. Now, set up your ‘layout guides.’ On PagePlus it is under File > Layout Guides. Set the sheet to have 4 columns and 3 rows, click OK, this will leave you with a page setup like this:

Page Setup for Small Earring Card

Use the + magnify glass to ZOOM IN on the upper left square, this is the square you will be working on. Once you finish this square, you can copy/paste into the rest of the sheet. NOW you have a blank canvas to create your earring masterpiece of awesomeness!

Your Canvas for Future Awesome

Add text, images and logos as you see fit. This can normally be done under Insert > Clipart or Picture. Some are Insert > From File. Select the image from your computer that you wish to add, click Insert/OK. Most folks will add a logo or company name up top, and maybe a website address at the bottom. Make sure to leave the middle area blank because this is where your earrings will sit. I use white cardstock for mine, with a red/black splotchy border, company name up top, and website and logo at the bottom… see?

Finished Earring Card Example

OK now you’re done. At this time, I suggest to merge your work into a single image, it makes it easier to copy/paste. It’s easy… simply drag and highlight the entire square, and click the little puzzle piece bottom that appears on the bottom right. PagePlus and Publisher both have this feature. This LOCKS all images in place and allows it to be moved or pasted as a single unit.

Merge Your Work

Yay! Now click on your image to select it and press CTRL+C to copy. ZOOM OUT (- magnify glass) to see your entire sheet and press CTRL+V over and over again, moving the pasted images into each available empty square. The reason I like this method of creating earring cards is because you could realistically make a page with several styles of cards in one printing. This is useful if you want to alter squares for different color schemes, images or text.

Finished Earring Card Sheet

OK, make sure to SAVE your work, and you’re ready to PRINT! I don’t do anything fancy here. I just put the cardstock in my printer and press print without messing around with any settings. I’m lazy that way, but they always turn out pretty.

Alright, now for some jabber. PagePlus is really pretty awesome if you don’t have Publisher. It’s free, but it works REALLY well and is very similar to Publisher, I have used both. Although it may seem like a pain to download a desktop publishing program, please do. You’ll find it useful for an endless variety of things, and they allow you to create better flyers, business cards, brochures and much more. If you’re serious about designing and printing your own branded items it’s really a must-have.

Now for the additional fun stuff… below I’m offering two image files of FREE earring cards for those of you who don’t want to print anything branded or fancy. They are high quality .png files, and can be saved and printed easily on cardstock. Feel free to save and use it to your whim. Just make sure when you print you ‘fit to page’. You’re welcome to share it, but please give a link back to this blog if you do – much appreciated! I do custom work and can create a custom earring card image for a small $10 fee, if interested, contact me.

.PNG of Earring Card Style 1

.PNG of Earring Card Style 2

If you download PagePlus, you can download this file that already has a page layour and guide set up:

PagePlus file of Earring Card Style 2 – edit as you wish – Right Click and “save target as” if having problems.

I have more tutorials planned, including ones for tent-style earring cards (love these), and necklace cards. They will be similar to this one, but will have other tips and techniques that I feel are useful. Please show us some love and subscribe to our RSS feed, FRIEND us on Google Friend Finder or NetworkedBlogs, or follow us on Twitter @HHandmade for updates on fun new posts!

As always, if there is a tutorial that you would love to see posted in regards to jewelry making techniques, clay sculpting or desktop publishing, reply to this post and let me know and I will do my best to add it up :)


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  1. Mrs Adair

    I downloaded that print page plus and you failed to mention that it is the beginners addition that does nothing you say, and the instructions that you give can not be followed by no means. it only gives lame files and graphics and send you to the page to buy the real program for 98.00. I will be so glad with people can be honest.

  2. Kelly

    Hi Mrs Adair!

    I use the free basic version and not the paid version. I don’t use templates that come with the program, my tutorial is to show how to make your own template using your own graphics. I also offer free templates to save and use if you wish.

    It’s possible that they have altered the free version since this was posted back in 2011 though, this post is 3 years old. If so I apologize! The pre-made templates *should* still work though since the file type should still be supported.

    Thanks, Kelly

  3. Gyn

    Thank youuuu!!

  4. rusty shackleford

    I’ve been using the free version of this program for 2 years after reading your recommendation for it here. I use it for jewlery cards, coupon cards, thank you cards, all sorts of things for my Etsy shop. Thanks so much for posting this.

  5. Judy

    I just downloaded the free version but am unable to get it to work using the instructions from Kelly. How do you make the earring cards?

  6. Sheree Cook

    I would like for you to make me a custom earring card image. Can you please send me you contact information so that i can give you my information.

    Thank you
    Sheree Cook

  7. Gammy

    I am loving this! I have not worked in an office since I was 55 and things have changed drastically. I needed these for my Etsy shop and whomever else buys.

    I am playing around and getting used to it as I need some postcard size for my bangles, bracelets and such. Thank you so much! You are a doll!

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