Gremlin Wreath Craft Project

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Gremlin Wreath Craft Project

I decided to get crafty and create a Gremlin wreath! Although I consider Gremlins to be a Christmas movie, I figured this wreath would also be suitable for Halloween, thereby killing two birds with one stone!

I tried googling some other wreath examples to get an idea of how to put this together, however it didn't really seem like anyone else had done this type of wreath, so I was mostly on my own. After considering a few days to pull it off (adding various gremlins attached around it, or doing one big gremlin) I decided to make a Stripe Gremlin face with big ears!

The wreath round is made with dark green and white tulle, with the white being the obvious stripe in the top center. The tulle is longer on the bottom to give the illusion of stripes chin.

Face and ears are felt, using puffy paint for accents. The eyeballs were purchased from JoAnn's for 60% off. Stripe traditionally has red eyes, but that small detail didn't concern me much, it still looks like him.

Overall I was super excited and pleased about it! The felt face is glued onto cardboard to make it sturdy, and the felt elements were attached to the wreath form with green floral wire. For Christmas I plan on putting a hat on him!


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