SMALLS Soap Bar | S'mores Scent | Unisex | Exfoliating | Large Bar

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SMALLS soap smells like delicious s'mores. Who doesn't love graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows melted together by a campfire? It'll be KILLIN' your friends that they can't smell like Smalls.

This is a layered soap that uses several different soap formulas. The graham cracker layers are our premium oatmeal formula with oat kernel meal and sand, perfect for gentle exfoliation. The chocolate layer is our traditional shave & shampoo glycerin formula, and the marshmallow layer is our "Buttah" formula with coconut, mango, shea and coco butters. All together these layers make a gorgeous luxurious soap.

Bars are a generous 2" x 3" rectangle, which fits perfectly in your hand. They are 1" thick.

Approx 4.8 to 5.0 oz. due to their hand cut nature. These are a bit larger than our normal pucks.