BREWED AWAKENING Lip Balm | Coffee Flavor

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This delicious coffee flavored lip balm is long lasting and will moisturize your lips while relaxing you with a wonderful coffee scent under your nose. Cocoa butter really brings out the coffee flavor, and we add a touch of sugar and cream with a hint of vanilla. Want to rub some latte on your lips? Look no further!

This from-scratch balm is very mildly flavored NOT over-powering... although it's delicious, we don't want you to lick your lips too much and keep them chapped. It will keep your lips super soft for a long period of time with no peeling.

Our balms and salves are made completely from scratch with all natural ingredients. Many all natural balms melt in your pocket due to having a coconut oil base, ours hold up very well due to the butter and beeswax added in.

Our "Brewed Awakening" All Natural lip balm is made with jojoba oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, caster oil, vitamin e and flavoring.

.15 oz / 4 g, comes in twist up lip balm tube