Forest Gnome Dice Bag | Blue, Green and Brown | Large Drawstring Bag

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This large, green, blue and brown pouch is perfect for tabletop gaming. It's uses include holding dice, figurines, or cards. It features a drawstring with a push-button cord lock. Your bag will not open unless you want it to! Our bags feature a flat bottom and will stand on their own. The crochet stitch used makes for a very thick and sturdy bag that has quite a bit of stretch to it.

Color(s): Blue, Green and Brown

Material: 100% Cotton

Measurements (when flat):  Width: 6"    Height: 6.5"

*Colors and measurements are approximate due to the handmade nature of the bags. All bags are handcrafted by us, just like the rest of our items. Due to this, quantities may be limited.