GOBLIN KING Lip Balm | Peach Flavor

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You have 13 hours to purchase this GOBLIN KING lip balm... or your baby brother becomes one of us, FOREVER! Our buttery Goblin King balm is peach flavored and oh so delicious. If you love juicy Georgia peaches and solving Labyrinths, this balm is for you.

Our lip balm is our very own recipe and is soft and buttery. It's not sticky, and since we designed the recipe you won't be able to find it anywhere else!

Our balms and salves are made completely from scratch with all natural ingredients. Many all natural balms melt in your pocket due to having a coconut oil base, ours hold up very well due to the butter and beeswax added in.

Our "Goblin King" lip balm is made with jojoba oil, kokum butter, beeswax, caster oil, vitamin e and flavoring.

.15 oz / 4 g, comes in twist up lip balm tube