DANCING IN THE DARK Handspun Yarn - 212 Yards total - Wool & Silk Yarn Skein - Shiny Black Yellow Pink Purple

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This DANCING IN THE DARK colorway of hand spun yarn is crafted with baby soft merino wool and sari silk with a touch of shine. This is spun in a fairly consistent thickness with small pieces in a thick and thin barber pole 2-ply style when chunks of silk flow in. This hand-spun yarn uses mostly black, purple, pink and yellow.

We have two skeins available for a total yardage of 212 yards. It's AMAZINGLY baby soft, you won't be disappointed. I tie the skeins with burlap string to make it easy to locate the ties, and I have added a pull tab to the outside end for ease as well.


  • Fiber: Merino Wool & Sari Silk with hint of shimmer
  • Yardage: 212 Yards total
    • Skein 1: 104 yards, 2.7 oz, #4 Worsted
    • Skein 2: 108 Yards, 2.8 oz, #4 Worsted
  • Ply: 2-ply