Handmade Shawls & Triangle Scarves

Handcrafted shawls give a one of a kind look to your wardrobe, and are crafted from wool, alpaca, silk, and other high quality materials that store-bought shawls can't match. They can be brought in place of a sweater to cover your shoulders in case the evening gets cool, and can heirloom to pass to future generations. MANY of our shawls are one of a kind. Although we may be able to make a similar piece, it will almost never be identical.

Most of our shawls and triangle scarves come with a complimentary shawl pin so that it's easy for you to create fashionable looks and lovely draping.

We craft our shawls with knitted, Tunisian crochet, or crochet methods. I make every effort to combine beautiful color combinations and unique stitch work so that the design is as luxurious as the crafted fabric.