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I decided to get crafty and create a Gremlin wreath! Although I consider Gremlins to be a Christmas movie, I figured this wreath would also be suitable for Halloween, thereby killing two birds with one stone! I tried googling some other wreath examples to get an idea of how to put this together, however it didn't really seem like anyone else had done this type of wreath, so I was mostly on my own. After considering a few days to pull it off (adding various gremlins attached around it, or doing one big gremlin) I decided to make a Stripe...

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We have a lot of cos-players as customers and I LOVE it when I know that one of our scents is used to add an extra dimension to someone's character. I thought it would be fun to put together a list of scents that are perfect for cosplay or Halloween costumes. Read below for some of our suggestions that include clowns, steampunk, Lolita & more. If you have any others, let us know! Please note that although we link to these scents in our cologne oil formula, they are also available in soaps, body sprays, and in some instances -...

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Take a look at this great video we got of our Little Soap of Horrors!

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We made a little commercial for our Crazy Cat Lady soap that uses home grown catnip!  We need to drum up some social media buzz... although our business does well we aren't even close to reaching the followers of some of our competitors. Take a look!    

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