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Easter egg coloring kits were on sale for .60 after Easter so I decided to buy a few and conduct a few experiments. I have seen videos of people dying with Easter egg tablets before but it has usually been skeins or balls of yarn. I wanted to dye a pan of wool roving using every color in the kit. I will say, it turned out much better than I expected and I highly recommend for you to try it!

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When I first showed interest in spinning I started in a drop spindle and eventually moved to a spinning wheel. I picked up terms as I went and googled individual ones when I was confused, but it would have been nice to study a beginner's glossary of terms. Below I have compiled a glossary list for you that is related to spinning. I have also taken the time to add photos when appropriate to assist further.

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Here is a knitting tutorial of the right twist knit stitch while using two colors.

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We are proud to be able to offer some wearables again. Please peruse our new line and let us know what you think! I will only be selling 'ready made' items for the moment as custom requests or made-to-order will be difficult to keep up with. If you have suggestions for new colors or items please let us know and we will work on adding more!

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Green Apple soap has just been added to our shop! This smells like fresh, tart granny smith apples and less like artificial jolly rancher scent that is common with green apple fragrances.

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