Men's or Unisex BLAZE ORANGE Wool Blend Cowl | Knitted Winter Scarf | USA Made | Hunter Orange

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This BLAZE ORANGE cowl/scarf is knitted with slight ribbing on the top and bottom. A very unisex style that is popular with our male customers.

This is crafted with a blaze orange wool blend. This is also called Hunter Orange or Neon Orange. This has some stretch, and is perfect for keeping your neck warm while sitting in the cold.

Measurements are approx:
  • Height: 8"
  • Circumference (when flat): 27" 

This sheep wool blend fiber is machine wash, tumble dry low. Perfect for items worn hunting, or outdoors where they may get soiled.

For more information on the types of wool and their benefits, please see our Fiber Information page.

This cowl is finished and ready to ship! Item comes in a sleeve showing care instructions.

*Photo shown on model may not be the hat being purchased and is just to show fit. Colors in photos may differ from what you see on your screen