BABA YAGA Soap Bar | Smoke & Blood Orange | Red | Shave Puck | Beard Wash | Large

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BABA YAGA is a bright red color and smells like blood orange and smoke. Masculine, yet with a hint of orange sweetness, this is a unique but awesome combination.

Our glycerin soap has a rich lather, and is formulated for shave and shampoo use. Favorite uses are:

-Beard Wash
-Shave Puck
-Shampoo Bar
-Body Soap
-Hand Soap

Our signature glycerin formula includes added argan oil, calendula extract, sunflower oil and aloe leaf extract. Bars are a generous 2" x 3" rectangle, which fits perfectly in your hand.

Approx 4.8 oz. These are a bit larger than our normal pucks.