DOC HOLLIDAY Glycerin Soap | Shave & Shampoo Wash | Huckleberry Scent |

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DOC HOLLIDAY smells like sweet huckleberries and is a beautiful blue color. This is a powerful berry blend that will always be reminiscent of Grandma's homemade preserves. Caution: Be careful using this one in bear country.

Our glycerin soap has a rich lather, and is formulated for shave and shampoo use. Favorite uses are:

  • Beard Wash
  • Shave Puck
  • Shampoo Bar
  • Body Soap

Our signature glycerin formula includes added argan oil, calendula extract, sunflower oil and aloe leaf extract. Pucks are 2.75" in diameter, which fits perfectly in your hand.

Approx 3.6 oz