FRESH n CLEAN Roll On | Fabric Softener Scent | Jojoba Oil

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Some people may think I'm crazy to offer this scent as a roll on perfume, but believe me I'm not. Fresh N Clean smells just like clean laundry and sun dried linen, or fabric softener. So delightful and fresh. It's also a scent that many folks are used to so it doesn't bother some folks that are sensitive to smells. It makes you smell great, and softens your skin all at the same time since the fragrance is carried in jojoba oil.

This lovely fragrance is sure to draw compliments, and is very long lasting. The best part is that you can pop it into your purse to take along with you if necessary.

Our fragrance oils are made with high quality jojoba oil and fragrance. Our perfumes come in re-useable BPA free glass roll-on bottles. The roller top can be gently popped out and the bottle re-filled if necessary.

Directions: Gently shake bottle, and softly rub the roller on your skin. Jojoba is a dry oil, so it will not be wet. Please apply with caution, a little goes a long way!

.33 oz / 10 g