OSMANTHUS Body Spray | 2 oz 4 oz | Peach Tea | Japanese | Sweet Olive Flower

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Our OSMANTHUS body spray smells very similar to peach tea with warm fruity notes, just like the traditional Japanese plant. Osmanthus is an eastern Asia (Japan, China, Himalayas etc...) plant known as The Sweet Olive. It's often used to make tea. The flowers of this plant have a very strong and sweet scent.

This scent is from the olive family of plants. It is sensual, fresh, fruit and herbaceous and wonderfully calming. There is also a Russian osmanthus which is more floral, this East Asia osmanthus is more fruity/sweet, so please keep that in mind when purchasing.

Our body sprays are made with a simple skin friendly mixture of water, witch hazel and fragrance oil (the same oil used in our roll-ons). Our lids seal tight and do not leak, and our high quality sprayer gives a generous spritz with each press. The best thing about our simple spray is that it doubles as an amazing room spray, and triples as a fantastic linen spray. The witch hazel mixture naturally tones your skin.

Comes in your choice of a a natural colored 2 oz bottle or clear 4 oz bottle, both of which are made in the USA.