PERFECT PEAR Body Spray | All Natural Perfume | 2 oz

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PERFECT PEAR is tart and juicy. This fragrance captures the irresistible flavor of crisp pears. Now let me say, I love to eat pears. However, I wasn't completely sold on smelling like one until we started working with this fragrance. This is absolutely delicious and I would recommend this wholeheartedly to anyone, very nice!

This convenient 2 oz size is generous enough to last a long time, but yet is compact enough to be portable in your purse or car.

Our body sprays are made with a simple skin friendly mixture of water, witch hazel and fragrance oil (the same oil used in our roll-ons). Our lids seal tight and do not leak, and our high quality sprayer gives a generous spritz with each press. The best thing about our simple spray is that it doubles as an amazing room spray, and triples as a fantastic linen spray. The witch hazel mixture naturally tones your skin.

Comes in a natural colored 2 oz bottle that is made in the USA.