PERFECT PEAR Soap | Glycerin Juicy Pear Scent | Women's Soap | Argan Oil

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PERFECT PEAR is tart and juicy. This fragrance captures the irresistible flavor of crisp pears. Now let me say, I love to eat pears. However, I wasn't completely sold on smelling like one until we started working with this fragrance. This is absolutely delicious and I would recommend this wholeheartedly to anyone, very nice!

Our glycerin soap is slick with a rich lather, and is formulated for shave or shampoo use. Favorite uses are:

  • Shave Puck
  • Shampoo Bar
  • Body Soap
  • Hand Soap

Our signature glycerin formula includes added argan oil, calendula extract, sunflower oil and aloe leaf extract. Pucks are 2.75" in diameter, which fits perfectly in your hand.

Approx 3.6 oz