SIREN'S SONG Soap | Love Spell Type | Women's Soap | Body Bar | Argan Oil

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SIREN'S SONG soap is fresh and feminine, a fruity blend of peach and orange with floral notes of cherry blossom and white jasmine. Sexy enough to lour men to their demise. The color is a beautiful teal/turquoise.

This particular scent contains fragrance and essential oil, may contain some resins.

Our glycerin soap has a rich lather, and is formulated for shave and shampoo use. Favorite uses are:

-Beard Wash
-Shave Puck
-Shampoo Bar
-Body Soap
-Hand Soap

Our signature glycerin formula includes added argan oil, calendula extract, sunflower oil and aloe leaf extract. Pucks are 2.75" in diameter, which fits perfectly in your hand.

Approx 3.6 oz