SKINWALKER Men's Cologne | Roll On Jojoba Oil | Birchwood and Oud

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SKINWALKER is a complex scent. Very unisex, but is on the musky/woody side so can be a favorite of those to enjoy more masculine leaning scents. It's a complex mix of wild cypress, ozone, makrut lime, sea salt, oud, elemi, leather, amber, ocean moss, and frankincense.

Our fragrance oils are made with high quality jojoba oil and fragrance. Our colognes come in re-usable BPA free glass roll-on bottles. The roller top can be gently popped out and the bottle re-filled if necessary.

Directions: Gently shake bottle, and softly rub the roller on your skin. Jojoba is a dry oil, so it will not be wet.

.33 oz / 10 g