SWEET DREAMS Handspun Yarn - 236 Yards total - Cheviot Wool Yarn Skein - Blue Pink Green

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This SWEET DREAMS colorway of hand spun yarn is crafted with 100% cheviot wool top. This colorway is hand-dyed by a small business in Napa Valley, California, and is spun in a thick and thin barber pole 2-ply style. This hand-spun yarn uses mostly blues and pinks and has some interesting blends with hints of green

We have three skeins available for a total yardage of 236 yards. Cheviot wool isn't quite as soft as merino and would be more similar to the softness in Peruvian wool which means some folks may find it itchier. However many still enjoy using this in wearables such as hats/scarves depending on sensitivity


  • Fiber: 100% Cheviot Wool
  • Yardage: 236 Yards total
    • Skein 1: 92 Yards
    • Skein 2: 76 Yards
    • Skein 3: 68 Yards - sold out
  • oz/gr: 7.6 oz total/combined
  • Ply: 2-ply
  • Weight: #5 bulky, thick and thin