Wet Shaving with Humphrey's Glycerin Soap

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Wet Shaving with Humphrey's Glycerin Soap

How does our glycerin soap work for shaving the face and dome? Head over to The Bald Nation to see his lengthy review of our glycerin soap. It has lots of pictures of our rich lather, and he takes time to go into great detail. He uses our soap to shave his head and face.


Some excerpts:


"The head shave was just as smooth and comfortable as my face shave. The skin on your Dome is not the same as the skin on your face. However the skin on your Dome can be just as sensitive if not more than the skin on your face. A head shave has a lot of different angles all together and you have a lot of blind spots as well. It’s just as easy to get razor burn, cuts and scrapes on your head as it is your face. In a lot of ways head shaving is just the same as face shaving, there’s just more real estate to cover. Humphreys Handmade Soaps are a fantastic head shave as well as face shave. It’s just a fantastic shave all the way around."

Thank you Bald Nation!

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