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When I first showed interest in spinning I started in a drop spindle and eventually moved to a spinning wheel. I picked up terms as I went and googled individual ones when I was confused, but it would have been nice to study a beginner's glossary of terms. Below I have compiled a glossary list for you that is related to spinning. I have also taken the time to add photos when appropriate to assist further.

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We are proud to be able to offer some wearables again. Please peruse our new line and let us know what you think! I will only be selling 'ready made' items for the moment as custom requests or made-to-order will be difficult to keep up with. If you have suggestions for new colors or items please let us know and we will work on adding more!

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For my first spin I decided to go with a white and turquoise roving. I started with white, and it was pretty thick and thin without much consistency, but as I continued to work it got more consistent. By the time I worked on my second batch of turquoise roving it looked pretty good! Below is a photo of my very first spin with white wool roving:

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Buying commercial yarn of premium quality can be expensive. Merino yarn is one of the best wools (in my opinion) to work with, but it can be pricey. If you want to work on a project with specific color stories it can be difficult to find the specific type of yarn to suit your needs. Etsy can be helpful for unique yarn, but again, it's expensive. I have no issues with the price since handpainted and homespun yarn takes a lot of work, but I can't help but wonder how difficult it would be to spin the specific colorways I would need for projects that I have in mind.

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