Yarn Spinning - Our First Spin

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Yarn Spinning - Our First Spin

For my first spin I decided to go with a white and turquoise roving. I started with white, and it was pretty thick and thin without much consistency, but as I continued to work it got more consistent. By the time I worked on my second batch of turquoise roving it looked pretty good! Below is a photo of my very first spin with white wool roving:

First Spin with Drop Spindle and White Yarn

Here is a photo of my second batch of wool roving that is turquoise:

Turquoise yarn spun with drop spindle

After each color was finished being spun I carded it. I actually cut out some cardboard from cereal boxes to hold this :D

White and turquoise spun yarn

And THEN, when I got over my anxiety, I spun my spindle in the opposite direction of my initial spin and plied my two colors together (below)

Finished plied yarn with drop spindle

I watched a few helpful videos to try to become familiar with this whole process before I even tried to spin anything. I will embed them below in case you're wanting to try it yourself. Overall, I am very happy with how my first batch of spun yarn turned out. I will also link to some items below that you can purchase if you would like to try a drop spindle.



Here are some products to get you started if this is something that interests you:
Drop Spindle: https://amzn.to/3fnpGnx





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