Easy Basic Sugar Scrub Recipe

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Easy Basic Sugar Scrub Recipe

Sugar scrub is one of the easiest natural products that you can make yourself in the comfort of your own home.


3 TBSP of olive or sunflower oil (sold at any grocery store)

1 Cup of white sugar

10 drops of your favorite scent or essential oil - you can leave it out if you don't have any, OR spritz in a few sprays of your favorite perfume or body spray to give it some scent.


The directions for this are simple and straight forward. Combine oil and sugar into a bowl and mix thoroughly. Mixture will clump together slightly but shouldn't be too wet.

Next, add drops of your favorite essential oil. We suggest sweet orange or peppermint. If EO is not available, spritz in a few sprays of your favorite perfume or body spray. It won't be as natural but won't hurt either... you spray it on your body anyway- right?


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