Psych Themed Birthday Party Ideas - Psych TV Show

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Psych Themed Birthday Party Ideas - Psych TV Show

Psych was a fantastic TV show with James Roday and Dule Hill. Roday plays Shawn Spencer, an intelligent, highly perceptive individual (think Sherlock Holmes) who convinces those around him that he's a psychic. He is hired by a police force to help solve crimes, all while trying to maintain his lie. Hill plays Gus, his hilarious side kick. The show has a huge fan base, and even has a lot of fun Easter eggs within their episodes that fans can try to find while watching the show.

I have gathered some ideas for a Psych themed party and wanted to share them here with all of you, or any fans who may be looking for inspiration.






Below are Etsy links to several Psych themed games you can play at your party:


Gifts for a Psych lover:


What ideas do you have for a Psych themed party? Help out fellow fans by posting your ideas below by placing a comment on this blog!

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