FRAGRANCES for Cosplay and Halloween Costumes!

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FRAGRANCES for Cosplay and Halloween Costumes!

We have a lot of cos-players as customers and I LOVE it when I know that one of our scents is used to add an extra dimension to someone's character. I thought it would be fun to put together a list of scents that are perfect for cosplay or Halloween costumes. Read below for some of our suggestions that include clowns, steampunk, Lolita & more. If you have any others, let us know!

Please note that although we link to these scents in our cologne oil formula, they are also available in soaps, body sprays, and in some instances - lip balms! Sprays are great for a large area and on fabric, colognes are more concentrated and work best on skin.


Clown, The Joker, Harley Quinn

Fragrance: Cotton Candy

Clowns are obviously very popular after the release of "IT" this year, but they have always been a popular costume item. Whether you are impersonating Joker, Harley, or a more traditional (or scary) clown, our cotton candy fragrance will add an amazing 4th dimension to your costume.


Photo Credit: Pinterest


Headless Horseman, Pumpkin, Sam / Samhain (Trick r Treat), Fall Fairy

Fragrance: Pumpkin Spice 

There are a number of costumes that would be amazing with Pumpkin Spice, but could you imagine using it for a Samhain or fall fairy cosplay?


Photo Credit: Pinterest


 Dragon, Industrial, Steampunk

Fragrance: Dragon (Smoke/Bonfire)

Smoke scents can be used for a wide variety of costumes, the most obvious being dragon or steampunk related. However, it could also be used for various other animals or soldiers. I'll leave the other possibilities up to your imagination!


Photo Credit: Pinterest


Wendigo, Treeant, Wood Faerie, Sprite, Groot

Fragrance: Wendigo (Pine, Cedar) 

We have already had a customer rave about using our Wendigo scent in her Wendigo cosplay, so why not join in the fun and use it for yours? Also great for other various wood or tree spirits. Imagine cosplaying as Groot with this scent?


Photo Credit: Pinterest



Zombie, Wood Faerie, Various wood animals, Treeant

Fragrance: Hunter (Dirt & Moss), or Pine

Our hunter scent smells exactly like fresh garden soil. A Zombie cosplay with a dirt scent would be amazing and add so much depth. However, if you are a wood fairy or other various wood creatures this would also work perfectly. Imagine cosplaying as Groot with this scent!


Photo Credit: Pinterest


 Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Christmas Elf, Krampus

Fragrance: Peppermint (Krampus), Santa's Stache, Gingerbread

Ahhhh peppermint! Could you imagine sitting on Santa's lap and having the fresh scent of peppermint or gingerbread cross your nose? It takes the experience to a whole new level! Also great options for creepy Krampus or elf cosplay!


Photo Credit:


Cowboy, Old West, Steampunk, Catwoman

Fragrance: Buffalo Bill (Leather)

Leather is another versatile scent. We've listed the obvious options here, but there are so many things that you could use it for. Our Buffalo Bill scent smells SO MUCH like leather that it's a customer favorite for both men and women.


Photo Credit: Pinterest


Industrial, Steampunk, Robotic, Soldier, Cyberpunk

Fragrance: Carbine (gun oil) 

Our Carbine scent smells very similar to popular gun oil brands. Do you use metal in your costume? You may want to consider adding another layer of realism by spraying on some Carbine!


Photo Credit:


Cute, Kawaii, Candy Theme, Fairy (various), Alice in Wonderland Characters, Lolita

Fragrance: Lots!! - Kick Ass (bubblegum), Blueberry, Peach, Strawberry, Fairy (soft pine), Cherry Bomb 

We sell an awful lot of sweet fragrances. Kawaii and Lolita style costumes are very popular in both Japan and America. Why not add another layer of realism by smelling sweet as candy?


Photo Credit: Pinterest


Sugar Skull, Day of the Dead, Catrina

Fragrance: Sugar Skull (brown sugar), Fresh Roses 

I love doing sugar skull makeup. Both me and my daughter have rocked some sugar skulls for Halloween. They can be done traditional or sexy, and always make for a fun time when doing makeup since you can just go crazy and still make it look good! 


Photo Credit: Pinterest


East Indian theme, Egyptian theme

Fragrance: Sandalwood Patchouli, Banshee (redwood and saffron) 

Sandalwood Patchouli and Banshee are both wonderful deep and exotic scents. Rock this with various middle eastern themed cosplays. East Indian, Egyptian, the options are limitless!


Photo Credit:


Thank you for browsing this blog post! If you have a suggestion for scents to add, or if you would like to know WHAT scent would go with a certain type of costume, please hit me up and let me know. I love working with people on scent profiles!


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