Unusual Gothic Decor & Unique Goth Gifts

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Unusual Gothic Decor & Unique Goth Gifts

For some folks, Halloween is every day. I fall into that category. A lot of my 'normal' home decor is horror themed. Over the years I have accrued an artistic rendering of a The Shining poster, a Little Shop of Horrors wall clock as well as a life-size Audrey II prop, a full sized Flasher Gremlin, and many many other things.

Although these products are easily available and mass produced, it doesn't mean they aren't cool. Below is a collection of unique horror themed items that I have found on Amazon.

Item 1: Coffin Letter Board

I am the first to admit that I never hopped on the letter board fad. I have lots of friends that use them and write cute notes on it, but it never appealed to me. I do, however, think this coffin shaped board is absolutely adorable!

Coffin Letter Board



Item 2: Mummy Hand

This cool mummy hand has palmistry engravings, and would be super cool to hold rings or bracelets. I don't think it's specifically designed for jewelry but why not?

Mummy Hand Decoration



Item 3: Your Butt Napkins, My Lord - Skeleton Sign

This is hilarious. Amazon actually has several different version of this sign with different images but I liked this one the best

Butt Napkins Skeleton


Item 4: Coffin Make-up Organizer or Desk Organizer

I've seen folks sell these for more than this price. It's a super cute addition to any goth or horror themed office, bedroom, or bathroom.

Coffin Desk Organizer or Makeup organizer


Item 5: Gothic Imagery Ottoman (puffy)

I really like the simple design of this. The white, with black gothic imagery is really classy and subtle. I'm sure it would look amazing in any living room.

Gothic Ottoman


I plan on doing a follow-up to this post with more great items that I found, I just didn't want to make this post too long.

Have you found some great gothic items around the internet? Place a comment with a link and share your finds!

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