Horror Valentine's Day Cards

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Horror Valentine's Day Cards

We've sourced a fun collection of horror movie themed Valentine's Day cards for the horror lover in your life. Feel free to save and share! 


Killer Klowns, Sharknado and Critters Valentines by Jarhumor



 Freddy Krueger, Jason, Candyman and IT Valentine's from Uncle Frank Productions

Freddy Krueger Valentine

Jason Valentine

IT Valentine's Day Card

Candyman Valentine's Day Card


The Fly, The Gate and Tarman valentines from M. Lineham Art - he has these available to purchase as physical cards!

The Fly Brundle Valentine

The Gate horror valentine

Tarman horror valentine


Misery valentine from etsy.com

Misery #1 fan valentine


Buffalo Bill and Se7en valentines - unknown authors

Buffalo Bill Valentine

Se7en Whats In The Box valentine



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