Weird Stuff Wednesday #2

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Weird Stuff Wednesday #2


Happy Wednesday!

Since we're still early in the new year I decided to keep with the calendar theme of last week and present a few more wacky calendars that are available for purchase. Why not kick off the start of each month with something silly that will make you smile? The calendars below are a variety of topics, nature, animals, galaxy etc... I hope you enjoy the oddness as much as I do!

Note: All images and links to these items will take you to the item on Amazon.

Weird Calendar #1: Nature's Butts

Humans love to find patterns in things.. faces...numbers... even butts! This Nature's Butts wall calendar captures some of the butts in nature. Trees, rocks, you name it.

Natures Butts Funny Calendar

Butts In Nature Calendar


Weird Calendar #2: Nature's Dick Pics

 What I love about this calendar is someone took the time to take very high quality photos of phallic shapes in nature, and compiled them into a wall calendar. Are you going to look ahead and see what dick pic of nature is on the month of your birthday?

 Nature's Dick Pics Funny Calendar

Dick Pics In Nature Weird Calendar

Weird Calendar #3: Pooping Pooches

 Don't knock this one until you see it. Shankley is a German Shepard from Colorado and he is depicted pooping at the top of a gorgeous cliff. Pretty sure a few of these are frame worthy...

Pooping Pooches Funny Dog Calendar

Pooping Pooches Weird Calendar



Weird Calendar #4: Pissed Off Cats

Cats are cute, cats can also be aloof and grumpy. This calendar capture some of the cutest pissed off cats that money can buy. As a bonus, each cat comes with it's very own phrase.

Pissed Off Cats Funny Calendar

Angry Cats Weird Calendar


Weird Calendar #5: Random Galaxy (Laser Cats?)

This is one of the more abstract calendars in this list. It appears to be a mixture of unusual animal pics, some cut out, with lasers, galaxy imagery, dinosaurs, and lots of other random thing. I will admit, it's very pretty and very interesting.

Weird Galaxy Cat Calendar

Galaxy Laser Cat Calendar


Honorable Mentions

As I close out this post I wanted to give a few honorable mentions. These calendar are also somewhat weird, but I felt the ones above were weirder. This is all opinion, of course, so you may very well like these more.

Tree Goats:

The Artful Chicken:

Horses and their Weird Horsey Mouths:

Mating/Humping Animals:

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