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Gothic Decor, Halloween, Horror Lover, Weird Gifts, Weird Stuff on Amazon -

For some folks, Halloween is every day. I fall into that category. A lot of my 'normal' home decor is horror themed. Over the years I have accrued an artistic rendering of a The Shining poster, a Little Shop of Horrors wall clock as well as a life-size Audrey II prop, a full sized Flasher Gremlin, and many many other things.

Although these products are easily available and mass produced, it doesn't mean they aren't cool. Below is a collection of unique horror themed items that I have found on Amazon.

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Weird Gifts, Weird Stuff on Amazon, Weird Stuff Wednesday -

Since we're still early in the new year I decided to keep with the calendar theme of last week and present a few more wacky calendars that are available for purchase. Why not kick off the start of each month with something silly that will make you smile? The calendars below are a variety of topics, nature, animals, galaxy etc... I hope you enjoy the oddness as much as I do!

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Beard Oil, New Products, Shaving, Soap, store news -

We have several new scents that were added to our shop this month. Skinwalker, Quigley and Naga. All of these items have been added as a soap, 2 oz beard oil and cologne. We still need to list as a body spray and in our other beard oil sizes but wanted to ensure the most popular product options were up first! As per usual, these are also available in our 'pick 3' listings for any of our products/sizes. Here's the run down: Quigley QUIGLEY is smokey, woody and masculine and smells of Hickory and Suede. It has notes of bergamot,...

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Drop Spindle, Fiber Arts, Yarn Spinning -

For my first spin I decided to go with a white and turquoise roving. I started with white, and it was pretty thick and thin without much consistency, but as I continued to work it got more consistent. By the time I worked on my second batch of turquoise roving it looked pretty good! Below is a photo of my very first spin with white wool roving:

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Holiday Gifts, Weird Gifts, Weird Stuff on Amazon, Weird Stuff Wednesday -

Welcome to Weird Stuff Wednesday, where we will post odd or unique finds from around the internet. Most of these will be items for sale on places such as Amazon, Etsy or others. If you have a 'weird' item that you'd like to share, please comment on this blog with a link to the item!

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